Women Crinkle Chiffon Off White Dupatta from Sohaye
Off White Crinkle Chiffon Dupatta

Off White Crinkle Chiffon Dupatta

Rs 915
Rs 1,220
Rs 915
Save Rs 305
Product Type: Stoles/Dupatta

The Off White Crinkle Chiffon Dupatta's airy charm radiates elegance. This dupatta's classic appeal enhances the ensemble, whether worn with a stylish western dress or a colorful salwar kameez. This dupatta is a multipurpose piece of clothing that elevates any ensemble with its gentle elegance, making it ideal for formal events and regular usage.

  • Because it's made of beautiful crinkle chiffon fabric, it hangs beautifully and elevates any look. Its rich detailing provides a touch of charm, while its lightweight structure guarantees comfort.
  • This White Chiffon Dupatta catches the light with every movement thanks to its delicate texture and modest gloss. 
  • The delicate off-white color adds adaptability and easily goes with everything, from modern fusion ensembles to traditional Indian clothing.

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