Purple Monaar Dupatta for Women

Rs 1,343
Rs 1,790
Rs 1,343
Save Rs 448
Product Type: Stoles/Dupatta

With this Purple Monaar Dupatta for women as your accessory, you step into the world with confidence, embracing the beauty and allure of timeless fashion. No matter draped over the shoulders or elegantly wrapped around the neck, this dupatta enhances any attire, transforming a simple outfit into a statement ensemble. Its versatility knows no bounds, complementing both traditional and contemporary styles with equal finesse.

  • The Purple Dupatta, crafted from Monaar Lurex fabric, exudes elegance with its rich hue and intricate texture.
  • Its deep purple shade carries a regal allure, evoking a sense of sophistication and grace.
  • The Monaar Lurex fabric adds a subtle shimmer, catching the light with every movement, like stars twinkling in the night sky.

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