Women Sea Green Dupatta
Women Sea Green Dupatta from Sohaye

Sea Green Dupatta for Women

Rs 1,288
Rs 1,840
Rs 1,288
Save Rs 552
Product Type: Stoles/Dupatta

Embrace the sea's attraction with the Sea Green Dupatta, a timeless piece of grace and elegance that goes well with any outfit or season. This dupatta is so versatile and charming that it looks great with modern and traditional outfits. Its soft draping evokes a sense of peace and beauty by whispering of coastal breezes.

  • Enjoy the airy grace of the Sea Green Monaar Dupatta, made of Monaar Lurex fabric. This gorgeous piece enchants with its calm color that is evocative of the ocean's depths. 
  • A hint of opulence is because of the delicate, glittering texture of Monaar Lurex, which gracefully and expertly elevates any ensemble.
  • It is adorned with faint shimmers and reflects light like swirling waves, creating an entrancing illusion.

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