Women Chiffon Multicolor Dupatta in Pakistan
Multicolor Chiffon Women Dupatta From Sohaye
Women Chiffon Multicolor Dupatta in Pakistan
Chiffon Multicolor Women Dupatta in Pakistan

Women Multicolor Chiffon Dupatta

Rs 1,043
Rs 1,390
Rs 1,043
Save Rs 348
SKU: WD0274-Multi
Product Type: Stoles/Dupatta

The Multicolor Dupatta radiates charm and elegance because it is made of fine silk fabric. This dupatta adds a sense of elegance to any ensemble, whether it is worn around the neck or draped over the shoulders. Accept the rich history and excellent craftsmanship, capturing in each fold of this lovely multicolored dupatta, a classic item that goes beyond fashion and honors the value of tradition.

  • Each stroke of the beautiful Haroof e Tahaji designs adorning it conveys a tale of grace and tradition.
  • The vibrant hues flow across the material, assembling into an eye-catching, captivating tapestry of color.
  • Haroof e Tahaji Printed Dupatta's airy and light texture makes it ideal for formal events and casual get-togethers, subtly enhancing your look with its classic appeal.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Fabric: Chiffon

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