Off White Design Trousers for Women's

Off White Trouser

Rs 1,643
Rs 2,190
Rs 1,643
Save Rs 548
Product Type: Woman Trouser
Size: XS

The Women's Off White Trousers Design features a remarkable blend of grandeur and elegance with a golden color design. An appearance that oozes grace and a hint of luxury is created by the exquisite golden print on the soft and neutral off-white background. These trousers are ideal for special occasions and festive gatherings due to the golden design, which frequently has intricate patterns.

With their timeless charm, these Women's Off White Design Trousers and gold design are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fashion statement. The sophisticated style provides a flexible choice for combining different tops or kurtas. The Off-White color and golden color design add an air of regal elegance to any outfit.

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