Blue 3PC Unstitched Cambric Embroidered Suit
Blue 3PC Unstitched Embroidered Cambric Suit
Blue 3PC Embroidered Cambric Unstitched Suit
Blue 3PC Embroidered Cambric Unstitched Suit
Blue 3PC Cambric Unstitched Suit

3PC Unstitched Embroidered

Rs 5,523
Rs 7,890
Rs 5,523
Save Rs 2,367
Product Type: Unstitched

In a lovely blue color, the 3PC Unstitched Cambric Embroidered Suit exudes elegance and simplicity. This suit is made of Cambric fabric, which is noted for its softness and breathability. It will keep you comfortable all day. This combination, along with a Dyed Trouser, is ideal for those who value modest charm and classic taste in their wardrobe.

  • The Embroidered Front Panel offers a sense of refinement, with delicate detailing that contributes to the overall beauty of The Cambric Suit.
  • The Plain Sleeves and Back, complemented by the Embroidered Sleeve Border, provide a balanced contrast, allowing the embroidered parts to stand out.
  • The Fancy Dupatta adds a bit of glitz to the ensemble, rounding out the look with sophistication.


  • Embroidered Front Panel
  • Embroidered Sleeve Border
  • Plain Sleeve
  • Plain Back
  • Shirt 2.5 MTR
  • Fancy Dupatta 2.5 MTR
  • Dyed Trouser 1.6 MTR
  • Fabric: Cambric
  • Color: Peach

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